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Cultural Artistic Society “SHOTE GALICA”, Drenas, KOSOVO

Cultural Artistic Society "Shote Galica", with headquarters in Drenas was established on 11 April 1968.
The most successful period of this society is time interval from the year 1980-1989. In this era of activity on this society numbered 80 members. Furthermore, during this period CAS "Shote Galica",  features over 500 concerts in Kosovo and abroad. Is participating and winning in all the festivals held at that time in Kosovo.
CAS "Shote Galica", from Drenas has participated in many festivals such as in Zagreb, Ohrid, Osjek, Novi Sad, Bursa and Ynegyl of Turkey, Linc-Austria, Ganat-France, Struga in Macedonia, Tuzi in Montenegro, Kaçanik and ferizaj in Kosovo, in Folklore Resource Magazine, which this Society is the organizer, and the Festivals of Berat and Gjirokastra in Albania.
Recent years has participated in several festivals within and outside Kosovo as in Klina, Prizren, Skënderaj, Viti, Deçan, Tropojë, Gjirokastër 2006, "Argjiro 2008", Song and Dance Çame Festival in Saranda-Alnbania, etc.
CAS "Shote Galica" is the winner of many awards and trophies of Festivals.
Manager and Leader of the Ensemble is Shaqir Hasi.


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