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Ensemble "Çerçiz Topulli", Gjirokastër, ALBANIA

Ensemble "Çerçiz Topulli" of Gjirokastra was founded in 1978 by leading the first Artistic Director Roland Cene, continuing later with other artists and people of culture in Gjirokaster as Naxhi Kasoruho, Jorgo Roze, Selam Mamani, Petrit Llano.
Repertoire of this ensemble includes interesting and diverse elements from all the country, because in his songs and dance are intertwined with many more authentic artistry the folk from a lot of areas known for traditional folklore as the province of Kardhiqi, Lunxhëria, Zagoria, Pogoni, Dropulli, but its city of Gjirokastra, especially for iso-polyphony.
In general, this ensemble is composed by the Orchestra of the popular instruments and songs, the Dances Group of Gjirokastra, Dropulli, Lunxhëria, the polyphony Groups: "Youth Group", "Ergjëria", "Argjiro", "Labe Wreath", "Cfaka", etc.
The group has participated in all National Festivals of Gjirokastra, but also in international festivals such as in France, Greece, Portugal, etc.


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