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Ensemble "Mecovo", Greece, was founded in 1980 at the initiative of its municipality.
It is composed of three branches (two with children and one with adults), and registered members who reach 120 people.
The objective of the group remains the preservation of evidence and the tradition of Mecovo.
Song and dance are accompanied Mecovos people in all manifestations of their life with experience and dichromatic functionality.
The group makes an effort to embrace the cultural heritage of the first, to make known to young people their past and roots, their characters and customs, dance and songs of the people.
Ensemble "Mecovo", has participated in many festivals and activities, within and outside the country as Egypt, Switzerland (First Award), Italy (Forth Award), France, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic.
The Dance Ensemble has participated in numerous performances throughout Greece as Ioannina, Kozáni, Preveza, Katerini, Lamia, Athens, Mesolóngion, Paros, etc..



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