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KUD “Koprivnica“ - CROATIA

Acting for 30 years to preserve traditional and cultural heritage KoprivnicaDrava and other parts of the Croatian. The folklore in ëorks about a hundred members of the youngest five years old through to adult fans of folk, dance and music. We spread the name of the whole of Croatia, the folklore festivals in Metkovic, Vinkovci, national folklore meetings, and other residences in the country, and also the name of the country's Cultural disseminated throughout Europe (Poland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Hungary, Italy, Montenegro) and in the United States.
In his repertoire of dances nurture Podravina Medjimurje, Croatian Zagorje, Slavonia, Bačka Croats, Baranja and civic dances Koprivnica.KUD "Koprivnica" the organizer of tëo folk festival in Koprivnica. Children's Folklore Festival "at Gra ndma's lap" and the International Folklore Festival "Grandmother's Chest."

Dr.Nada Sesic


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