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4rth Festival of “Aulona International Folk Festival” will take place in Vlore on the dates 12 to 15 May 2012

Organizer of the Festival is the Cultural Center "Aulona”, Vlore.
The festival has a spectacular and source character and is part of the Cultural Tourism of the costal city of Vlore.
The opening date of the Festival will be 12 May 2012. This is also the opening day of the Summer Touristic Season of Vlore for 2012.
Expected to take part about 10 Ensembles from different countries of Europe and World and also folk groups invited from Vlore and other cities of the country. The festival is part of CIOOF Calendar and relies on his principles. The festival takes place in an open stage and the last Night Concert will be of selected performances of the groups.
For all participating groups there will be divided the emblem of the Festival and for best group there will be the Cup Festival.



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