Orikum is in the southern city of Vlore bay. Near it is the ancient city, Oriku, founded by VI for Eubeasit century in territories of Amantia Illyrian tribe

on the hill Paleokaster known. Mentioned by ancient authors century V as important Adriatic port. Was used by the Romans in the wars against the Macedonians Imageilireve, played a role in the civil war between Caesar and Pompous. Macedonian fleet of Alexander of Macedonia invaded on 214 B.C. III century B.C made of the coins with the name of civic communities. From ancient ruins of the city are maintained housing traces routes sculpted rocks, water, mainland, etc. The most important monument is the theater of the I century B.C for 500 spectator, discovered in 1959. In the second century A.C. the city affected by a severe earthquake was rebuilt and re-fortified during the V-VI centuries. At the time the Byzantine and Middle Ages known as a small port named Jericho. Near it before the XII century is built of Marmiro church, a hat cross type and a dome and the narteks today ruined. The silhouette prevails in its cylindrical high drum, characteristic of medieval buildings that high. Served as a model for the church of the Zvernec monastery at XIV century. At the time of the Ottoman conquest the Orikum was called Pashaliman. Orikum was established again, after the liberation, near the ancient city. It began to populate since 1949, was proclaimed town in 1961 and later expanded especially with the opening of Jonufre terraces. Has a visible developed tourism, especially in Radhime and Llogara. Today there 10.085 inhabitants, comprises four villages and lies in an area of 41.5 km2. 168 businesses operating there, 99 of these have a commercial character. There are 5 Kindergarten, 5 9grade schools and 2 high schools.


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